Email Mailing Lists


The ECG Email Mailing Lists are for the discussion of items relating to the Exeter Colleges Guild.  There are two mailing lists:


  • The first is for current members of the university.  This enables messages to be sent that only concern the organisation of events in Exeter.  All current Exeter students are by default added to this list.  This list is called  (Note:  This is not a link to avoid spam email.)

  • The second is the main list.  This list is used for the passing on of information concerning events that all members and friends can attend.  This list is called  (Note:  This is not a link to avoid spam email.)  All members of ECG-Residents are by default members of this list, therefore it is not necessary to send a message to both lists.


To subscribe to either of the mailing lists go to and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Once subscribed you will receive information on how to post to the list and how to manage your subscription.

Please do not send messages to the list address if you want to unsubscribe from the list.

If you have any difficulties using either list then please email the List Owner.

Subscription to either list will not make your email address appear on the members contact list or vice versa.


30 November 2018