The ECG Collection

If you haven't got one of these then you must order yours NOW! Please contact the Gen Sec with your details.  Orders can be placed at any time. Everyone must have one - particularly a rugby shirt in bottle green.

Why not get for yourself and all your friends one of these excellent fashion accessories? So, while looking cool and hip, you can also be donating a small amount of money to a very worthy cause. (The ECG bell fund, anyway.) Take a look....

Embroidered Logo on Blue Polo Shirt
The colourful logo is embroidered into all the garments.


These beautiful items of clothing are available in just about any size, shape and colour you can think of. From kiddies sizes through to XXL, we have T-shirts, polo shirts, rugby shirts, ordinary sweatshirts, open hem sweatshirts and lots, lots more in every conceivable colour.  You name it, and we can do it. And all with the super logo embroidered in. Royal Blue Sweatshirt


Burgundy Rugby Shirt



So, what is the cost I hear you screaming. All items of clothing available in all sizes. Here is a selection of items and prices. Contact Matt for further information or details on other items. Please add £1 to the total for XXL.

Item Code Cost (inc VAT) Posting & Package Total
Polo Shirt SS11 £13.50 £2.50 £16.00
Polo Shirt 539M £14.50 £2.50 £17.00
Polo Shirt (Kids) 539B £10.00 £2.50 £12.50
Sweatshirt (Open Hem) 182M £17.00 £2.50 £19.50
Sweatshirt SS8 £15.50 £2.50 £18.00
Sweatshirt (Kids) SS8B £11.00 £2.50 £13.50
Rugby Shirt FR1 £26.50 £2.50 £29.00
T-Shirts 340M £ £2.50 £
T-Shirts (Kids) 340B £ £2.50 £


You too could be the fashionable owner of one (or maybe even more) of these trendy items of clothing. Why not order yours now?