For your entertainment tonight, live and direct, all the way from Exeter, England, by satellite link-up, in a world first, we present the all new singing and dancing* Exeter University Change Ringing Society website. You might like to browse through the many and varied acts, laid on with no expense spared. On the other hand you might not. Suit yourself. See if we care.
* There isn't actually a tremendous amount of singing and dancing here. None in fact.

Without any further ado...

Welcome to the EUCRS website!

We are a group of disturbed members of the University of Exeter, all dedicated(!) to ringing bells: you have to be disturbed to do this really. One of the number was recently classed as slightly insane on a DIY sanity test, so it must be true. Despite the idea of doing lots of ringing, more time is spent socialising (at least some of us have our priorities right) - this means the pub, the traditional hang-out of the bell-ringer.

As is the nature of ringing, we have contacts across the known world, in Exeter and even beyond. We have traditionally strong links with Bristol, being our neighbouring university with an active ringing society; we seem to see them at least once a term. For a (pretty diabolical) attempt to explain what this bellringing stuff is, have a look at the bell ringing page. If you manage to read this, and STILL want to do it you have qualified on the disturbed scale, and we would like you to join us, as no-one else will have you. Speak to someone on the committee, or come and find us at our practice.

The Society was established in 1967 by John Longridge, now the President, as the Exeter Colleges Guild; whilst we have undergone a name change to become the EUCRS, in the ringing community we are still known as the ECG. We qualify as a separate branch of the Guild of Devonshire Ringers, and as such are very active. We welcome ringers from any of the colleges or schools within Exeter and the surrounds, so if you exist come and make yourselves known to us. Anyone is most welcome to join our practices, not just university and college members.

On this site, you'll find lots of stuff, some of which is more useful then others, most of which is stolen. Keep checking for regular updates (blatant lie...but makes our counter look good), and if you have any suggestions/ stuff we can steal, let us know - email Matthew Hilling (the guardian angel of this site).

Abandon hope all ye who enter here...