Read the fresher's view of the 2009 week...

Friday 30th September

Important things first... a trip to The Bridge in Topsham. This is an excellent pub with a good range of real ales. A proper introduction to the ECG culture...!

Wednesday 28th September

Handbell Ringing, 1230-1400, Room 171 Harrison Building
This will be the first of our weekly practices for change ringing on handbells. New recruits, with or without handbell experience, are welcome to come along and try their hand. For more information see the handbell information page.

Towerbell Ringing, 1900-2100, St David's Church
Exeter Colleges' Guild (ECG) regular evening practice.
The usual evening practice for both the ECG ringers and the local St. David's band. Tied bell practice for beginners from 1900-1930 followed by the full sounds of real bells until 2100. We ring a wide variety of stuff ranging from call changes up to Cambridge S Minor and in the past year Stedman Triples and Cambridge S Major. We are looking to continue last year's excellent progress.

Post-practice socialising is at The Imperial, just down the road, from 2100 onwards. Miss it, and miss out!

If you would like a bit of guidance of getting to the tower, we will be running a 'walking bus' from the Peter Chalk Centre on campus to St David's Church on the Wednesday evening of Welcome Week, leaving at 1900. We will be wearing our green ECG attire so that we are visible.

Sunday 2nd October

Service ringing, 8.45-9.30, St. David's Church
Sunday morning service ringing followed by breakfast at the Imperial!

Activities Fair, 11.00-4.00, Devonshire House on Streatham campus
Where you sign up to join us!

And its not all proper ringing! At the Fair you will be able to find us due to our demonstration bell as pictured below

Tom & Naomi with the St Petrock's demonstration
bell at the Fair 2009.

Grich (Richard) shows off his skills.

Joining Us

If you want to have a go and haven't done so yet, we can teach you whenever you want! If you are already a bell ringer then we want to know about you and see you. Please see our practice page to find out when and where we ring, or come and find us at the Activities Fair. Complete beginners are always welcome to start or join us at any time throughout the year.

If you need a little persuading to join us, then read on...

The main idea of change-ringing is to produce a steady rhythm of bells, one after another in what is called a 'row'. We can change the order of the bells to give different rows, either by swapping the order of the bells two at at time, or by ringing a 'method' to swap bells over every time they are rung. Hence the term 'change ringing'. We strive for good striking, so that we produce a merry sound, pleasant to listen to. If you would like to know more about methods mechanical and other technical details, please visit our bell ringing page.

On occasion, we take our skills to other towers and ring there. Events taking place every year include the Annual Dinner, and a joint outing with the University of Bristol Society (UBSCR) which is usually in Somerset . We also have a summer tour, where we go slightly farther afield and we have also had a joint outing with Cardiff Students Bellringing Society. We also organise socials such as visiting The Bridge pub in Topsham, going for curry nights together and have a Christmas meal and a pancake party. We also have a beach BBQ in the summer term. For more information on the social aspect of our society, please visit our past happenings page.

If you want a good evening out at least once a week, a chance to get out of Exeter, a chance to meet some new people and a be a part of a very bizarre activity, please contact any of our committee members and we will point you in the right direction.

Where we are. Some of the time. And where you are. Some of the time also.

  Where stuff is  

OK, so not a brilliant map, but it might help.