The 54th Annual Dinner - February 6th 2021

The 2021 dinner was held virtually, via Zoom, on Saturday 6th February 2021.

The session opened with a slideshow of photos spanning 50 years of the ECG (see below) before Tom welcomed everybody and gave a short speech about some things that the ECG has been up to over the last year (not much, admittedly!). We had received some post from north Wales about a book entitled "My First Long Length" which is a Jilly Cooper style novel based on bell ringing. Thats a story for another day!

Steph continued with a few words about the Exeter-based ECG members activities during 2020 and how communication had been maintained through online social events.

Without the ability to ring handbells live a montage video was played with extracts of performances from the last 10 years. See video below.

David Maynard introduced out guest speaker, Philip Earis, who spoke about his visits to Exeter and how our website looks like something out of the dark ages. Mike Esbester wishes to let Phil know that he is very proud of this website that was built in the late 90s! Phil also talked about how the ECG develops robotic ringing machines - Tom Hinks!

After the traditional daffodil toast (they still taste awful!) the bake-off competition entries were displayed and a vote took place. Entries covered ECG themes from trains & curries through to rugby shirts and daffodils. All entries were amazing but the daffodils from Mr and Mrs Hinks were declared the winners.

Following moving in to breakout rooms we were able to chat with friends in smaller groups. We also were able to complete the quiz provided by Alice. Remember: its just for fun! The answers were given and then chatting in breakout rooms continued until late into the evening.

Thanks must go to Tom and Steph for organising the evening and to Alice for hosting the meeting. Well done all!