The 51st Annual Dinner - February 2nd - 4th 2018

Report by Alice Holden. Photos by Matthew Hilling.

The weekend began with the customary visit to the Impy on Friday evening. The Master used this opportunity to gather anecdotes for her speech and Steph used this opportunity to eat the most calorific meal on the menu in order to not get a hangover the following morning. (In case you're wondering, it worked).

Saturday began bright an early with a trip to Dartmoor for the ringing outing. The first tower of the day was Buckland in the Moor, followed by Widecombe which most agreed was the best tower of the day. A hearty lunch was then had at the Rugglestone just down the hill, followed by a quick drink in the pub at Lustleigh, the location of the third tower. Once the ringing wrapped up, everyone headed back to Exeter to get ready for the main event, the dinner itself. This was held at the Rougemont as indeed it had been the previous few years. A fine three course meal was served up, followed by the handbell touches, speeches, daffofil toast and last but not least the ceilidh. A thorougly enjoyable evening was had and after much dancing (and drinking) everyone trundled off home ready to get up early the following morning for service ringing.

On Sunday, a select few rang for the service at St David's before going for breakfast in the Boston Tea Party. After a short walk round the city centre, everyone then convened in the George's Meeting House for some lunch before the weekend's final event - ringing at the cathedral. After a packed hour and a half of rounds and call changes, Grandsire Cinques and much more the weekend came to a close and it was time to go home. Thanks for the organisers for a fantastic weekend and here's to doing it all again next year!