The 2000 Dinner


This years dinner took place on the traditional first weekend in February. Everything went mostly according to plan (even the speeches), and everyone without exception had a good time (or else). For a quick report, composed off the cuff by Michael, see below.

Friday 4 February 2000

The past ECG members started to gather in 'The Mill on the Exe', the pub (surprisingly) on the river. This included a slighty confused dialogue between Michael Esbester , the ECG master, and Iain Somerfield, the guest speaker. Michael was expecting Iain to turn up at his house. Iain had other (admittedly better) ideas, and went straight to the pub. And there was I thinking our speaker had disappeared off the face of the earth the evening before he was due to perform... Michael appeared to have broken with tradition by writing his speach before the day on which it was to be given.

Saturday 5 February

Much ringing happened throughout the day, at Bishopsteignton, Teignmouth (St James & St Michael), Dawlish and Exminster. There was a nice long break for lunch, and plenty of time for everyone to get back to Exeter to get themselves ready for the dinner. Dinner went swimmingly well (for most of us (Gary excepted!)), with plenty of wine. Iain was on top form with his speach, proving a hard act for the equally nervous ECG lord and master to follow. Fortunately he could rely upon his rather splendid outfit (should that be costume?) to save the day. This jollity was concluded with the infamous barndance, which provoked the usual complaints of 'two left feet' from various quarters.

Sunday 6 February

A surprisingly large number of bodies (probably not people at that point) emerged for ringing at St Davids at the somewhat ill-advised time of 8.45-9.30. Some mad fools then chased around the rest of Exeter for services at other towers; the Bristol contingent had the right idea, lying in their pits until coffee time (and then lunch). Ringing at the Cathedral was its usual excitement, with a large attendance (photo to be added as soon as possible). Then everyone went home until next year. And we HAD better see them next year. Grrrr.