Weddings and Births


Recent weddings of ECG members. Short reports and photos available...  Please send me photos and juicy gossip should you have anything to report.



  • Thomas Felix Gwilym Esbester was born on Thursday 4 February 2016 at 4.09am weighing 7lbs 5oz. Big sister Rosie (see below) is very pleased. Congratulations to all 4 of you!

Thomas Esbester Thomas Esbester Thomas Esbester

  • A warm welcome to Rosalind Ann Esbester (Rosie), born on Mon 1 October 2012. The first child for Mike and Nicki, Rosie was born at 1.46am weighing just over 7lbs. After a somewhat rapid arrival (!), all are now at home (4/10/12) and doing just fine.


  • A second daughter for Sarah and Andrew Huggins was born on Monday 8 August 2011. Sophie Kate was born 6 weeks early and rather caught her parents off-guard as they were in York visiting some friends at the time! Sophie was 5lbs, and although was taken into special care to start with she is now (Weds) doing just fine. Our congratulations to you all.

  • Many congratulations to Kathryn and Jimi Kerslake on the arrival on Wednesday 23 February 2011 of Esme Louise. Weighing in at 7lbs all went very smoothly and everyone is well. Kathryn says: "We are home now and finding out about each other, but my brain is not fully functioning as I have only had 3 hours sleep since Esme was born."

  • A slightly belated welcome to Toby Edward Hilling, born on Tuesday 7 December 2010 at 11.15pm, weighing 8lbs 11oz. Mummy was very tired having been induced starting on the Monday morning! Daddy is pleased!


  • Congratulations to Richard & Diana Taulbut on the birth of "Number 3" - Joseph Arthur, born September 27th 2009.

  • Jessica Lucy Huggins was born at 6.52am on Thursday 7 Feb 2008 by emergency caeserean, weighing 6lbs 10oz, a daughter for Sarah and Andrew. Sarah had to be given 11 pints of blood following the operation; they both had 2 weeks in hospital but are now at home and doing fine.


  • Congratulations to Janet & Paul Carless on the birth of Edward William on Saturday 19 January 2008 at 11:10am, weighing 7lbs exactly. Apparently he likes sleeping and milk!

  • Stephen and Debbie Chambers are delighted to announce the arrival of Oliver George sometime at the end of March 2007 (!). Stephen has promised to send some photos and more details... [definitely still waiting!]

  • A warm welcome to Ellen Taulbut, a daughter to Diana and Richard and sister to Nathaniel. Richard writes:
    "We are delighted with our new arrival. Mother and baby are very well, it's just me that's worn out! Ellen was born at 1.42pm on Sunday 21st January 2007, weighing a pretty substantial 9lb 4oz. Her big brother Nathaniel is now 18 months old, and an expert on childcare, prompting us with instructions such as 'burp', 'dinner' or 'rock' (the car seat) when Ellen starts yelling!



  • Congratulations to Lawrie and Sally Collins on the birth of a son, Oliver Ben. He writes:
    "Just to let you all know that I was born at 8.45 am on Saturday 1st July. Mummy was induced at 1.00 am as I was so happy inside her tummy that I didn't really want to come out and then ... I got my head stuck so I was born by caesarean. My name is Oliver Ben Collins and I weighed 7 lb 11. I have quite a bit of blond hair and am very cute. I have long legs like my daddy. Mummy and daddy are very pleased because I love to sleep and have not learnt to cry yet! Mummy and I came home yesterday and we are both really happy to be home. Lots of love and cuddles."

  • Cathy and Peter Finn write:
    "We would have loved to have come along this year but now have 4 boys under 4 (twins Matthew and Daniel arrived on 16th October 2002) which makes it impossible this year.  I haven't even managed to ring locally since they were born, though kept going until the week before their arrival!  Perhaps we'll have our own Finn band of ringers in 10+ years time!"

  • Congratulation to Sara and Ed Oakeley on the birth of a son, Mark, a brother for David, on 1st September 2001 weighing 3.75kg.  He was born in the Bruderholzspital, Basel, Switzerland, where Sara and Ed now live.
    Comment from Ed: "born really quickly, looks identical to David".
  • Congratulations to Fiona and Neville Gibbings on the birth of a daughter on 14th June 2001. Katie Johanna arrived at 9.46am weighing 6lbs 4oz at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich. Neville writes:
    "Both bouncing mother and tired baby doing well. Katie is doing really well at the moment and put on plenty of weight (3 and a half pounds so far) and producing lot of nappies etc. etc. On the Christening front, a possible date next month or October but I will try and keep you informed..."


More reports and photos to appear here soon....  when they happen!