Exeter's Other Towers

Should you feel so inspired, there are other towers that ring within the city, so, without wishing to encourage such lax behaviour as tower-grabbing, we here include some information about these towers, and some contacts. With a bit of luck, even a map; slightly suspect, as I'm sure that the OS will be stroppy, something about a breach of copyright. But by then I'll be miles away... it'll be the new committee's problem - a nice welcome...

Cathedral of St Peter

12 bells, tenor 72cwt.

Grid Ref: SX921925
Practice Night: 1st Monday 7.00pm, 3rd Saturday 6pm
Sunday: after 3rd Saturday 5.00pm
What they ring: Stedman Cinques, Cambridge/Yorkshire/Bristol Surprise Maximus, Avon Delight Maximus.

post Matthew Hilling Ringing master at the cathedral, a very nice and helpful sort of geezer.

St. Mark

8 bells, tenor 12cwt.

Grid Ref: SX936934
Practice Night: Wednesday 7.30pm
Sunday: 9.40am
What they ring: Everything from plain triples through to Surprise Major (8 spliced has been is known - or at least should be!) and Surprise Royal

post Wendy Gill Tower Secretary. 

Heavitree (St. Michael & All Angels)

8 bells, tenor 26cwt.

Grid Ref: SX938922
Practice Night: Thursday 7.30pm
Sunday: 9.15am
What they ring: Rounds and Call Changes, through most Triples methods to the more simple Surprise Major.

post Ian Campbell Tower Captain.

St. Petrock

6 bells, tenor 6cwt.

Grid Ref: SX920926
Practice Night: 3rd Saturday 4.30
What they ring: Depends upon who turns up. A shared band with Exminster, sources (David Macey) have it. Rounds and Call Changes.

St. Thomas

8 bells, tenor 14cwt.

Grid Ref: SX912918
Practice Night: Thursday 7.30pm
Sunday: 10.15am (9.45am 2nd)
What they ring: Mainly a learning band. Rounds and Call Changes, and Plain Hunt.

post Andy Stevens Tower Captain.

This map has taken me a very, very long time to create, so you'd better be appreciative.
A nicked OS map of Exeter 1: St David
(The Important One.)

2: Cathedral
3: St Mark
4: Heavitree
5: St Petrock
6: St Thomas

These towers aren't really in the city as such, but are quite close by. 

Alphington (St Michael & All Angels)

8 bells, tenor 14cwt.

Grid Ref: SX917898
These bells are only rung very infrequently, if at all.

Pinhoe (St Michael & All Angels)

8 bells, tenor 10cwt.

Grid Ref: SX955949
Practice Night: Tuesday 7.30pm
Sunday: 10.00am, 1st 5.15pm
What they ring: Grandsire Doubles and Triples, Plain Bob Minor and Triples. With visitors, Stedman Triples and Surprise Major.

Topsham (St Margaret)

6 bells, tenor 12cwt.

Grid Ref: SX965880
Practice Night: Thursday 8.00pm
Sunday: 9.30am
What they ring: Rounds and Call Changes