This is the page where everyone can see how truly lazy the designer has been, as it was felt he should credit all the people he has ripped off to make this site work. So if you recognise some of your stuff elsewhere in the site, see your name here. Some consolation. But cheers for your hard work - it made it easier for me.

University Crest (Home page): 'adapted' from the University of Exeter Press.
Mail animation (eg Committee page): 'adapted' from University of Bristol Society.
Picture of bell (on Bell ringing page): 'adapted' from the Oxford University Society.
Guestbook and counter: not really stolen as such, but provided by ToolZone.
Bellringing information: adapted from the Southampton University Guild mainly.
Links: 'adapted' from the Southampton University Guild (they really are a useful lot).
Frames format: 'adapted' from Durham & Bristol University Societies.
Various photos: 'adapted' from Matt and Stephen.
OS map: er...'adapted' from the OS?
Information about other towers: 'adapted' from the 1997 Guild of Devonshire Ringers Annual Report.

Ideas: Liberally taken from any site I felt like. So don't expect any credit. I thought of them all myself anyway.

Site: Created using this nifty little editor that does everything for you.

Sense of humour: Suffered crucial failure after having turned the computer on. Now in critical position in intensive care unit. Prognosis: terminal.

If you object to my half-inching stuff that's yours, please follow these steps to rectify position and lodge complaint:

  1. Find pen and paper.
  2. Write letter indicating grievance.
  3. Address and send to: (anyone, actually: we're not going to take a blind bit of notice.)
  4. Locate nearest water closet.
  5. Insert head into pan.
  6. Flush.
  7. Read the following statement: "The ECG thank you for your constructive criticism of their website. They will reply to you in due course, but at the moment their secretary is busy. Doing important stuff."
I hope it makes you feel better, but if not, rest assured we will derive immense satisfaction from it.

As you can see, I appear to have done very little. But then isn't that what being a student is all about? They do say a good programmer never writes their own program...